Dermalux® LED Phototherapy, the award-winning treatment, leads the way in non-invasive skin rejuvenation. By harnessing the power of therapeutic light energy, it stimulates your skin's natural repair processes painlessly and without downtime.
Right from the beginning, Dermalux revitalises your complexion, bringing back its radiance and vitality. This treatment provides cumulative benefits and can be tailored to address specific skin concerns on both the face and body, offering visible and enduring improvements. For optimal cell activation, we recommend an intensive
course of 12 sessions.

The latest generation of LED Phototherapy combines clinically-proven light wavelengths, delivered in safe therapeutic bursts. This naturally kickstarts skin rejuvenation and resolves various skin issues. Other advantages of Dermalux include:

● The freedom to choose your treatment plan
● Supercharging your skin for superior, visible, and long-lasting results
● Individual sessions revitalise your skin for an instant glow, restoring
luminosity, or soothing irritation. It's the perfect pre-event treatment.

After completing your sessions, follow up with a maintenance plan.

Wondering how Dermalux achieves these results?
It starts by focusing on our skin's
capacity to absorb light and utilise it to stimulate vital cell processes. Dermalux employs LED Phototherapy technology, applying wavelengths from the visible and infrared segments of the light spectrum. This energises skin cells, enhancing their functionality. Dermalux can accelerate cell repair by up to 200%! These wavelengths boost collagen production, enhance hydration, soothe redness or irritation, and combat bacteria causing blemishes.
The best part? The benefits persist long after
the treatment ends.
And it's not just your skin that reaps the rewards. Dermalux offers a relaxing, pain-free experience with documented mood-enhancing effects. Treat yourself to some 'me-time.' Let your skin soak up the invigorating light while you lie back and revel in its radiance. Each treatment lasts up to 30 minutes and requires no downtime.

A Celebrity Skincare Favourite!

Single Treatment (30 Mins) - £45  

(Includes a double cleanse, LED light Therapy, and final creams to restore and protect)

Course of 10 - £360

Add Ons (Any Facial Treatments) - £25

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