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Rediscover Radiance with Silvia Lema Sculptural Face Lift Massage

Our faces are a canvas that reflect the journey of our emotions, habits, and the passage of time. The Silvia Lema Sculptural Face Lift Massage offers a transformative experience. This unique treatment combines customised lifting techniques with therapeutic approaches like acupressure and lymphatic drainage, focusing on the face and neck. It's a deeply relaxing ritual meticulously crafted to ease the burdens of our fast-paced lives. The result? A targeted intervention against fine lines and wrinkles, a natural lift for the skin, relief for tense muscles, and the revival of a radiant complexion.
The Science Behind the Transformation
Muscular tension takes a toll on our skin. It impacts the flow of essential oxygen, nutrients, and the removal of cellular waste products. Through the rhythmic tension-release cycles of the Face Lift Massage, muscle tone improves, facilitating better circulation of blood, oxygen, and lymphatic fluids.
This treatment is also a potent detoxifier, dispelling accumulated toxins from the skin's depths, revitalising and rejuvenating dull or puffy complexions. By employing precise acupressure techniques, it enhances lymphatic drainage, contributing to a refreshed appearance and reduced blood pressure.
Our skin's integrity relies on collagen and elastin fibres, forming a flexible lattice in youthful skin. As time passes, these fibres stiffen, impeding skin mobility. A Face Lift Massage rejuvenates by toning these crucial fibres and harmonising the body's energy flow, fostering emotional and physical release that directly influences your overall well-being.

IntroducingUnlock a Youthful Glow with Additional Benefits

  • Diminishes wrinkles and habitual expression lines
  • Reduces under-eye bags and puffiness
  • Releases tension in surrounding muscles
  • Tones and firms facial muscles
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Augments nutrient supply to skin cells
  • Amplifies toxin elimination
  • Cultivates a serene, youthful radiance
  • Promotes optimal blood and lymphatic circulation

While a visible difference is often noticed after just one session, the transformative effects are most pronounced with a course of six weekly treatments, followed by regular monthly maintenance sessions.

  • Facial Rejuvenation Massage (60 Mins) - £60

  • The ultimateFacial Sculpt Massage : £90
    Includes Sculpt Facial massage , cupping and face mask tailored to skin needs .As part of your initial treatment, Silvia Lema Skin Specialist will provide guidance and facial exercises to complement the massage. Integrate them into your daily routine for enhanced, long-lasting results.

Dermalux LED Wave Therapy 10 min. - £10