Acne Management Skin Kit

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This kit has been designed to prepare the skin prior to treatment, support during treatment and also to be used as a recommended skincare regime to treat concerns of acneic skin. It is vitally important to use these tools to achieve the results you desire.

- Optimise treatment results​
- ​Allows for even penetration​
- ​Reduce risk of adverse reaction or PIHP​
- ​Encourages cell turnover​
- ​Starts to treat the problem​
- ​Introduces the skin to quality result-led ingredients

Oily skin is characterised by surface oily residue that may increase throughout the day, generally greater in thickness with large open pores. Acneic skin shows itself in different ways and levels of severity:​ open and closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads)​
- Papules or pustules (small red lumps and large whiteheads)​
- Nodules or cysts (large painful lumps)​
- Scars (indented or pigmented)​

The acne management skin kit is designed to treat all grades of acne, oily skins and acne prevention and maintenance.​

Kit contents: purifying mousse​ + acne one​ + collagen 360 essence​ + mineral matt antiaging fluid SPF50+ plus organic cotton presentation bag.


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