Age Management Skin Kit

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This kit has been designed to prepare the skin prior to treatment, support during treatment and also to be used as a recommended skincare regime to treat concerns of aging skin.
It is vitally important to use these tools to achieve the results you desire.

- Optimise treatment results​
- Allows for even penetration​
- Reduce risk of adverse reaction or PIHP​
- Encourages cell turnover​
- Starts to treat the problem​
- Introduces the skin to quality result-led ingredients

Ageing skin is prone to loss of firmness and elasticity which can lead to lines, wrinkles and dehydration leaving the skin feeling tight, dry, crepey with a lack of luminosity.

Evidence of sun exposure leads to pigmented lesions and as the skin renewal cycle slows down, the skin appears thick, dull and lack-lustre.​

The age management skin kit is designed to treat all aspects of ageing from prevention in early ages through to reversal in later years and everything in between.​

Kit contents: brightening foam​ + resurfacing peel booster​ + collagen 360 essence​ + light water veil antiaging fluid SPF50+​ plus organic cotton presentation bag


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