Skincare Workshop

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Silvia Lema has developed a workshop to teach you the tools for self-massage. In this workshop, you will learn a combination of facial massage techniques focused on improving the tone of the facial muscles, increasing blood circulation, sculpting facial contours, undoing old expression patterns, correcting facial posture, and removing any blockages from the face to give you an instant glow and Face-Lift.
Silvia Lema hosts workshops for individuals, private groups, and skin care companies, sharing key massage techniques to achieve a natural glow. For skincare companies organising events, collaborate with Silvia Lema to add a touch of expertise and a dash of glamour to your gathering. Our workshops not only promote relaxation but also offer participants an opportunity to learn techniques that enhance both inner and outer beauty.

Workshop Details:

● Duration: 2 hours
● Location: Online via Zoom



For corporate workshop pricing, including inquiries about customised packages:

Email us with the following details:

  • Location
  • Number of participants
  • The desired duration of the event

Unlock the secrets to radiant skin and experience the benefits of facial massage. Join our workshop today!